I am an Artist and Filmmaker, working with high quality digital video. Most of my clients are other Musicians, Performers, Filmmakers, Artists or Educationalists, to whom I offer a bespoke creative service as a Director, Videographer and Digital Editor; creating films or show reels for online, exhibition or DVD.

My work as an Artist is largely autobiographical; it’s an ongoing exploration of my own experience through the use of allegory, symbolism and storytelling. I have moved though the use of several different mediums in my practice, from Fine Art Painting and Photography to Singer, Song-writing, creating music videos for my own original songs. I have been making films for 20yrs.

In 2011, I produced two feature documentaries about the history of a Cornish built motor yacht called ‘Rosemarie’ which I lived onboard as a child in the 1970's. I am now consolidating my original research on the vessel into a book for publication.

If you think I am the person to help you put together your project
I would love to hear from you. shauna@medialproductions.co.uk