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'The Rosemarie - a vessel through time'. Consolidation of my research into the life story of Cornish built Rosemarie into a publication.


Fairytale Forensics

It was on my return to Cornwall in 1997 (after completing my B.A in Brighton), that I was handed a scrap-book full of my child-hood drawings, which had been stored for many years in my father’s attic. The combination of returning to my home-town and the memories evoked by those images created by a magical thinking self, prompted what I can only describe as a ‘Homing’ experience, both to myself and to the place where I’d come from.

My childhood observations divide roughly into two sub-groups; One of ‘Real’ world observations and influence, which includes images from the world around me and places where I lived, such as the Observatory Tower in Falmouth and the Houseboat ‘Rosemarie’ which I produced a documentary feature film about in 2011. The second sub-group includes archetypal ‘Fairytale’ images from a fantastical inner world, including; Good and Bad Witches, Dragons, Fairies, Mermaids, and Princesses. These are often accompanied by imaginative narratives.

The early ‘Fairytale Forensic’ works began in 2000 and are physical Artworks, paintings and collages including some photographs where I have literally ‘Projected’ childhood imagery onto my adult body. I have developed my creative practice through the analogue to digital and seek to produce a fusion between these uniting the past with the present. I am now integrating my digital skill-set into my general fine Art practice by bringing some of my childhood images to life in a series of fine art animations.

Dee's Diary

I am currently researching into my own family history, with the help of several other family members. I have a fascination with the life story of my Great Grandfather, as He was the man who brought the family to Cornwall in the 1930s. He was the Director of 'Swains' seed merchants based in Bristol and it appears that the company had a specialism in Daffodils bulbs, which would explain his choice of Cornwall, renowned for early crops of Daffodils. I am contemplating using a blog or digital platform to present some of this information, as I believe it has a social as well as personal value.